Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wide Angle Lens for cameras Olympus 4/3

The Olympus 4/3 cameras and lenses are well known for their excellent quality. The system 4/3 has variety of lenses for the needs of everyone from beginners to professionals. Although the Olympus 4/3 lenses starting fisheye lens and ending with wide-angle telephoto lenses, the segment have not so many to choose from.

The Olympus 4/3 system is all at telephoto zoom lenses, wide-angle zoom lenses and wide angle Prime lenses. The level of telephoto zoom segment has most of the lenses to offer. The most famous is the 14-42 mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom that Olympus includes as a lens kit "standard" with most cameras. Also has an older version-the 14-45 mm f/3,5-5, 6. Both of these lenses cost around 200 dollars and aren't very good. The more pricier 14-54 mm f/2,8-3,5 has more to offer. This objective is sharper and quicker the maximum aperture at both ends.Is one of the original E-system lenses and was introduced wit the And-1 Back in 2003. the price for this objective begins about 500 dollars.

The Olympus 12-60 mm f/2.8-4.0 AND SWD lens is a lens of great trip has a much wider range than the lenses mentioned above and also has a best optical quality. Prices for this goal start around 900 dollars. The top of the range is 14-35 mm f/2.0 lens AND zoom.This is the more expensive Olympus wide telephoto zoom. prices starts from 1.800 dollars. This is also the heaviest Olympians broad telephoto zoom lenses, it weighs 900 g.

Wide angle zoom lenses has only the consumer level 9-18 mm f/4,0-5,6 lens. This is extreme wide-angle zoom more accessible for cameras Olympus 4/3.Prices starting from about 500 dollars. 11-22 Mm f/2.8-3.5 lens is of high quality, but is not very wide dramatically. And the top of the range is the Olympus 7-14 mm f/4.0 ED.This is the widest zoom wide angle Olympus lenses, but also the priciest options, prices start at $ 1500.

The first objective of wide angle only for Olympus 4/3 system is the Olympus 8 mm f/3.5 fisheye de. It has a 180 degree field of view and produces dramatic curved distortion.Prices for this goal start at around $ 600.

There are also other wide-angle lenses without third-party developers like Sigma, which makes the Sigma 10-20 mm f/4-5.6 EX DC lens and Sigma 24 mm f/1.8 EX DG macro lens primary. Although the Olympus 4/3 system does not have so many wide angle lenses as Canon or Nikon, yet there are enough to choose for every need for photographers.

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