Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wide Angle Lenses vs. Telephoto Lenses - Which is better for you?

Can't decide between a Canon telephoto lens or a Canon wide angle lens?

Most professional photographers have learned about shorter focal length (wide angle lenses) and long focal length (telephoto lenses). There may be debates between different photographers as to which one is best but like everything it is all down to personal choice as to which one you like best.

Many of the experts out there may say that a wide angle length doesn't necessarily give you more depth of field. If you would like, you can always try this out for yourself. As an accomplished photographer, what impact will it have on your work?

Don't forget that this may only be true if you keep the size of the picture constant.

Remember that it is possible for you to take a picture of a subject using your Canon telephoto lens then zoom out and compare the difference with your Cannon wide angle lens. You might be thinking of taking a shot of some really amazing scenery, perhaps a hillside with beautifuly colored trees and sunlight shining down through the trees.

Try using the telephoto setting and zoom in, after which you can then zoom out and take a picture with the wide angle setting. When using the Canon wide angle lens, you will automatically expect there to be more depth of field in the last photo and that’s what it will look like. However, if you enlarge the photo, the depth of field may disappear. There are some of you who will zoom out to get more in their picture using only a wide angle setting. Remember though, by doing this, the objects may look smaller. When you zoom in on a particular object you want in your picture, you will typicaly lose depth of field. By zooming in and out and varying the focal length setting, you will have the perception that the depth of field is variable.

It may therefore appear that by using a wide angle lens you will get more depth of field if compared to using a telephoto lens. Remember that whatever a person is happy with when they are taking photographs is all down to the photographers personal choice as to what they like and know best and what they are looking for. What ever you decide to do, using either a Canon telephoto lens or a Canon wide angle lens should greatly enhance your photography experience.

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